Anonymous asked:

What do you think about steal my girl?

Dude, you (or a few of you, idk) are persistent. I didn’t want to talk about this but I have like 10 messages like this one. This is the only thing I’ll say about this topic until the song is released:

I’m not fond of the title, not because of the “girl” thing but because of the objectification of said person. I don’t know what the lyrics are about so I won’t do any judgement until I hear the song. If the lyrics happen to fit the title, well, it’s not the first time they’ve done a misogynistic song so.

Not every song in an album has to be good, we had Fireproof, if this one turns out to be shitty we still have the rest.

Anonymous asked:

Do you like Little Mix?

Not really. I love that they talk/sing about girl power and they’re all really beautiful, I like a couple of songs but that’s it.


A list of things that liking One Direction does not do:

  1. Invalidate my intelligence
  2. Invalidate my love for other genres of music
  3. Invalidate my ability to think critically
  4. Invalid my opinions or my knowledge of facts
  5. Make anyone who doesn’t like One Direction better or smarter than me in any way

So shut the fuck up about how liking this band makes someone’s opinions or knowledge of facts invalid.