Seriously, what the police are doing is not “bad”, it’s illegal.

There is a reason why people are raging mad at this situation, and it’s because it’s a blatant violation of basic human rights.

If you don’t understand that, then you are part of the problem.

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fill in all the blanks and tag six people


1. name: Irina.

2. birthday: June 18th, 1989.

3. favourite number(s): 6.

4. height: 5’4” (1.63 m)

5. talents: Fangirling.

6. can you juggle?: No.

7. art/sports/both: Art.

8. do you like writing?: Yeeeep.

9. do you like dancing?: I HATE IT.

10. do you like singing?: yes but only when I’m by myself.


1. dream vacation: USA, any state works for me but I have a soft spot for Illinois (don’t know why).

2. dream guy/gal: someone nice, intelligent, introverted and supportive.

3. dream wedding: I don’t want to marry.

4. dream pet: I’m a cat person but I’d love to have a shar pei dog.

5. dream job: music journalist.


1. favourite song: sooo many. I really tried to choose one but I can’t, I can’t even choose a few.

2. favourite album: OMG why, I can’t, sorry.

3. last song you’ve heard on the radio: She Looks so Perfect by 5 Seconds of Summer.

4. least favourite song: Lots.

5. least favourite album: No idea.

6. least favourite artist: Robin Thicke.


1. guys/girls/both: Girls, guys are okay too.

2. hair colour: Dark.

3. eye colour: I’m not picky, I like green but any colour can be pretty.

4. humorous/serious?: Serious.

5. taller/shorter: Don’t care.

6. biggest turn off: Douchiness.

7. biggest turn on: Intelligence.

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Hey guys, according to my dashboard I have 3 new messages but when I get in I can’t see anything. It might be a glitch but if anybody sent me a message a bit ago, please do it again. I had a few on-going conversations with people off-anon so it might have been one of you, sorry!

Anonymous asked:

so the boys aren't breaking up and they are just parting ways with their management? that's what i was a little confused about :))

Exactly :) that’s his theory and he only knows there’s a little tension between the boys and management. I agree with him based on all the stuff we’ve seen, I think the boys will part ways with Modest as soon as the contract is done. I have the theory they’re in-between management teams right now (or will be VERY soon) actually. Of course, all this talk is theoretic, we can’t know 100% sure if that’s going to happen but I think it’s very, very possible.

The boys breaking up is always a possibility but I don’t think that’s going to happen, I believe they want to change audiences and just keep working together. Then again, boybands don’t last long and things behind the scenes might be even worse than we think, maybe they want a break from each other. Who knows, I think they’re aiming for a long career together but only they know the truth.

Anonymous asked:

how do you think H&L are in a relationship when they don't even look at each other? They don't interact, they don't spend time together outside of work. How can you think they're in a relationship? like for fucks sake cant you open your eyes and see that THEY ARENT TOGETHER and stop wasting your time?


Why do you care? Why do you care why do you care why do you care why do you care why do you fucking CARE? Why do you give any fucks at all if I think they’re in a relationship? WHY DO YOU CARE? Why does me thinking they’re together affect you so much that you have to send me anonymous messages? Why does me thinking they’re together bother you? Why do you fucking care?

Why does anyone care? Why is it a big deal? If you’re right, and nothing’s going on WHY DO YOU CARE???? Are you that offended by the idea? Are you that pissed off about it? Does people thinking they’re together actually get your fucking hair in knots to the point where you have to send me anons? 

If they are straight and not together and nothing is going on, why do you care? Why does ANYONE care???? Why is it such a big deal, why has it been made into such a big fucking deal? If nothing is going on WHY DO THEY CARE? Why do YOU? Why are none of the other ships a big deal?

If you’re right and nothing is going on, then GOOD, you shouldn’t fucking cARE if people disagree because it wouldn’t MATTER.